About Us


About Us

TA Oil & Gas

TA OilandGas is a Subsidiary of the Consultation Group “TA Group” established in 2020, The Group’s main target is providing Consultation in the Fields Real Estate and Oil&Gas Trading.


We are offering our Services in providing Diverse Types of Petroleum Derivatives with Competitive Prices such as JP54, D2, D6, Mazut M100, LNG, LPG and others.



Why Choose Us

Refineries we deal with can supply the above Derivatives either FOB or CIF depending on the Customer’s requirement so the Buyer has to adhere also with the Refineries’ Procedures written in the issued ICPO where Reservation of Tanks (TSA) is a main Procedure in the Purchasing Process.

TA OilandGas will be following the whole Process till the Delivery of the Derivatives to the Buyer which requires from the him(buyer) to pay Fees indicated in the Issued Refineries ICPO and that Fees will be confirmed later by the Buyer in his Issued ICPO.


Credebility,Loyality,Non-Discremenation and Transparency

Our Vision

To deliver Petroleum Derivatives with the Cheapest Prices which will improve Human living and lower rates of Inflation in the Countries in need of Petrol.

Import Export

We globally import and export high quality petroleum derivatives with the requirements of clients and customers.


Our Mission

  • Choosing the most Secure and Reliable Sources and Suppliers of Petrol
  • Supplying our clients, the best Offers for the wanted Petroleum Derivatives
  • Exploring new Refineries and Oil Suppliers not depending only on Traditional ones
  • Working with Main Suppliers and their Subsidiaries
  • Good understanding of market current Situation
Our Vision

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Our Expertise

  • Dealing with Russian Refineries since Year 2018
  • Working Internationally with Different Customers from different Locations and Requirements
  • Aware of the Market changes before and after Corona Pandemic
  • Solid Knowledge of Buying/Selling protocols especially those of Federal Russian Suppliers


Our Global Reach
  • We are offering the Derivatives Russian Origin working mainly with the Federal Refineries Rosneft, Gazprom and Lukoil
  • Exploring new Sources of Petroleum Derivatives which will offer diverse Collection with suitable prices.
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